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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

KING PALUTA ON #RNS (Rich Niggar Shit)


After the release of the creative tune, #KonKonsa from TOP GANQ MUSIC which had crazy comments, massive airplay and Uncountable trends of downloads worldwide.....

 King Paluta is set to release another banger from his KingSize Mixtape Vol.1
this Thursday 13th October 2016 ,Track titled #YeBoo ( Eat ) on #RNS by SARKODIE Instrumentals
[ The Adventures of King Paluta ] by Expee Mixed by Denswag ( Tubhani Beats ).

A Story line to enjoy from the Heat Track! :
"He was neither rich nor powerful King. He wasn't able to prove himself wealthy to his people, yet his leadership influenced millions. What do both modern and ancient people say about that king?
 His kingship couldn't stand the text of time, and he was over thrown. There came a new king, loved, cherished, admired and was of high reputation. Both the young and the aged exalted him, especially the women. He was able to climax the success of the people in the town and he reign forever."
The New King is King Paluta!

We (Richkid Empire Music Crew ) had a chance to listen to the teaser, and my goodness, frankly speaking, King Paluta is 100% creative, crazy punches, lyrically a masterpiece, Creativeness is extraordinary,and pure deep flow.

King Paluta is mostly known as the Jovial Type as he flows lyrically with fun,Smiles, seriousness and Enthusiastic punches to trill his fans each day.
On this Pending track, which drops on Thursday, He tells a Crazy Story about himself and what he does to win always.

Sarkodie will surely be shocked to hear how King Paluta has Crafted and made this tune out of his own Creativeness.

The biggest Question we asking Now,
Is Sarkodie ready to Handle this?
Is Sarkodie ready to Hand Over the Crown?
King Sark Or King Paluta?

I know you can't wait to hear this tune,Same as we ( RichkidEmpireMusic) can't wait to watch his official video which follows soon!

Remember to always be bookmarked, because #Yeboo will be leaked here first before any blog or site in the world.