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Monday, 20 February 2017

GHAMRO Chairmanship Not Life And Death – Kojo Antwi Replies Critics

Legendary highlife musician and Chairman of the Ghana music right Organization (GHAMRO), Kojo Antwi has replied his critics by indicating arduously that, being a GHAMRO chairman is not a matter of life and death.

Kojo Antwi, has come under tumultuous criticism by the united concern musicians of GHAMRO which is being led by Legendary Randy Nunoo.

According to them, the Kojo Antwi- led administration of GHAMRO has worsened the plight of musicians by failing to account for royalties collected on behalf of musicians. They also accused the leadership of conniving with some lawyers to manipulate the upcoming election slated for 11 of March, 2017.

These allegations constrained Kojo Antwi to call for an emergency meeting of GHAMRO members to discuss the numerous accusations made against him and his board.

It would be recalled that, during the emergency meeting at the Teachers Hall on Wednesday, legendary Abirekyieba Kofi Sammy, noted for his hit song ‘Yellow Sisi” resentfully cursed Chairman Kojo Antwi and courageously told Rossy of that, he would kill Kojo Antwi if he had a gun.

Responding to those criticisms, Kojo Antwi who was addressing the GHAMRO members, firstly debunked the allegation that he and his board had connived with some lawyers to manipulate the elections.

Sounding extremely disappointed, Kojo Antwi affirmed, “I have not picked a form…to me chairmanship is not a life and death matter like it used to be”.

Kojo Antwi’s final submission on why according to him it’s unnecessary for two-thirds (2/3) of the membership to be present, before a decision can be made in GHAMRO, created heated arguments between him and some of the members of the United Concern Musicians of GHAMRO.

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