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Monday, 20 February 2017

Prince David Osei Gushes Over Wife On Her Birthday (PHOTO)

Prince David
Actor Prince David is known as the loverboy; dude knows how to make his woman feel special just by his writings.

Prince’s wife, Louisa Nana Ama Aseiduwaa Osei turns a year older today, February 19 and the actor does not want his followers on Instagram to have their peace of mind.

The Ghanaian actor has written a long birthday message to his woman he engaged seven years ago.

In the post, the actor shared the ups and downs they have been through just to make their relationship work after they first met when they were students at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Prince David Osei wrote “So it all started from the University of Ghana. Legon Hall Annex Room 111 thanks to Bilobes,Kk,Kingsley aka otiudros my roommates…

You knew me as Nana yaw your friend,then I became the star Pdo…Then you heard alot, because they said alot and that made you cry alot ..

The beautiful thing is you didn’t cry to man but to God…you saw alot and read alot,I almost lost alot too..I remember what @majidmichelmm told me one night as we were out chilling… When destiny speaks every other thing is useless…You got angry I got pissed,we argued,we fought but rather than divide us,made our love stronger…you are not in the spotlight because you don’t need it..You already a star as such you provide light and energy to my existence … I gave you my word since the beginning and that’s what you held onto…

Being famous comes with its package they called me a womanizer off course I love women, my name is DAVID,my mum is a woman,my sisters are women,my fans are women they called you baby mama but the truth is we got engaged 2010 before you gave birth to our son..

Church members used our relationship as a case study the gossips,lies and frustration made you stronger,’s been a rough road but we made it this far because you understood the deep meaning of Snipperdee movement you know am the ladies man.but in the comfort of our home your hubby and the Nana you know…Thank you Baby for fighting and standing with me through the rough times..Today is your birthday I celebrate you Mummy!! Louisa Nana Ama Aseiduwaa Osei Thanks for the cute kid and more to come…Let us build this Empire together..If you going to try, go all the way…Happy birthday my original left ribs God bless and favor you richly….love U #snipperdeemovementpdo4lyfstill

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