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Monday, 20 February 2017

Someone Has Taken Me To A Fetish Priest In Benin - Tinny

Hip life star Nii Addo Quaynor, more commonly known by his stage name Tinny, claims that his career has stalled in recent years because someone has taken him to a fetish priest in Benin.

Tinny says information available to him indicates that an artiste, whose identity he does not yet know, has taken a copy of one of his CD’s plus a photo of himself to Benin for rituals to be performed against him.

Speaking  on Hitz Fm, Tinny said an informant tipped him off to the news. The informant, who introduced himself to Tinny as ‘spiritual father’, said that Tinny’s belongings had been sent to the land famous for African magic to prevent him from ever releasing a hit song once again.

They say I have been taken to a spiritualist. That is why I am not having a hit” he said.

Like a typical African dodging responsibility for their actions, Tinny thinks there can be no other explanation for failure unless someone else is ‘doing’ you.

Tinny was once a very good artist who’s not so good these days. He should get back to work on regaining his mojo rather than looking for imaginary reasons why his career is going down.

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