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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Latest : Could this be Beef or a Snub? Amerado to Flowking Stone

Just not ago 2017 had been a great year for both Artist Amerado and Flowking Stone from Kumasi.

Amerado released and launched his Rap Mare Album(Which is now ranked 77 on iTunes)
, couple of music videos, shows(sometimes with Flowking Stone on same stage) and winning the hearts of Ghanaians gradually.
Flowking Stone present at Amerado's Album Launch

Flowking Stone, is one of the award winning Hip Life Artist, And known as the King over all Kumasi Arts,has also been on top of his game over the ages and in mostly 2017 musically. Flowking Stone last hosted show even flopped all other shows in Kumasi on 24th Dec. 2017 and has added a massive credit to his works 2017.

Amerado on the other hand seems to be having problems, doubts, provoken, ignored or broken hearted as all credits falls away to Flowking Stone or less.

He made a tweet post, to which has made ,brought or provoked some Kumasi Artists, Fans and even worse, FlowkingDom ( Fans of Flowking Stone).

He tweets; I got Endless love for Kumasi. I will do anything for my city.And Otumfour Osei Tutu is the only King I Know.May he live long. #KumasiBoy

During Amerado's rapmare, I (Richkid Gh) was there, i witnessed it all with my crew (Richkid Empire Music and Nhyirartv Ghana) and Flowking Stone was there to grace the show with his presence.

Look at a tweet reply from one of the fans of Flowking Stone (FlowkingDom).

The big question is, could this be a Snub, A Payback, A Beef Begin, A Step to bring out an awareness, a statement to a different meaning, or out of ignorance or not bigger attention from Kumasi in Creditability?

Well, we live to see, an answer , a reply or something from this Story.

I will give you the full Details to the end of it all.

Click and Watch:
Amerado At My Back: