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Saturday, 10 February 2018

I met God one on one, I am not Dead" - Stacy Amoateng

It has been a long while that we heard from the Restoration Mother Stacy Amoateng.

But not long ago we heard she's been hospitalized to an unknown and disclosed sickness last year.

Today(8th February 2018), been her birthday, She gave us a very huge surprise to which we have decided to share with you and a great message to us all that she carries from God to his people.

She Writes:
"It has been a while you heard from me. Well it was all in the plan of God.  Today is my birthday but strangely I am more sober than I anticipated I would be. I have a testimony that melts me at the feet of God in His throne room. I was very sick in December. I didn't even get to celebrate Christmas. My phones were off and doctors were doing everything possible to keep me alive. Pastors were praying so much for God to heal me. From 17th December to 30th December I was on a sick bed.i started feeling great just two weeks ago. Between 17th to 30th December I had an out of body experience. For a moment I thought I was dead for real. I met Jesus one on one. He is real. He told me to preach him to the world. To tell people he is coming sooner than we think. I met his father God. God is real. His face shines like the sun.his beard as white as snow and longer than any fabric yards ever produced.  Heaven is real. It's a beautiful nation. God wants us all in heaven when his son appears in his glory. This is no myth. I experienced it. Turn to Jesus now. I said he doesn't believe in religions but believes in life. That you should love each other as ourselves and be selfless.  He came to die for our sake and his blood has made us whole. Shalom. Say a prayer for me today. Happy birthday to me."