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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

King Paluta is not Dead - Richkid Gh

It has been almost like five Solid months seeing a post from the Crazy and Multitalented rapper,Singer, Writer, Sound Engineer, and more who is now signed to NKZ Record Label.
Many have been asking me about his whereabouts, his latest songs, and why hasn't he been responsive to his fans and loved once?
Why hasn't he released a song since he got signed to NKZ?
His songs are still been downloaded from this site and to this the questions keep coming in to me and my crew.
He's not Dead, as many are speculating , he's not done with Music, he's not been killed Spiritually in Music by NKZ, he's not gone either.
During an interview I had with him just this morning and a Post from his Facebook account, tells it all.
He hasn't been feeling well and he promises to be back with more than ever hits.
He posts on Facebook;
" Kin Paluta
♥ I am Here but I've been missing all my amazing fans/friends for sometime now...
I’ve seen some of the posts, craving for more music and that got me through these past difficult months.
I can't really tell y'all exactly what I've been through but In this world, Bad things happen to Good people.
Though i am still recovering to the fullest but for the love and passion for the music and the love for you my fans, I think I have to bounce back and feed you with the good music.
I thank God for my life, and I thank everyone for waiting all this while and it’s worth it🙏
Still keep me in your prayers!
Now, Let's Make History. #wootease3!!! #NKZ!!!!"