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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Evidence debunking Fella Makafui's sekx video released - Watch the full alleged Video

The yolo star, Fella Makafui has been all over the news media since yesterday and it's beginning to get very appalling to think of how this young girl's issue is getting everywhere. 

Fella got her fame after she starred as 'Serwaa' in the popular youth series 'yolo' and since then, she's been adored by most Ghanaian; both the youth and eldely. 

News broke out of the camp of Fella that, her 'sugar daddy' has closed down the wine shop he got for Fella with claims of him angered by Fella's new attitude toward him.

Fella later debunked all the news and claimed she is relocating to a different place as her rent has been increased abnormally and also used it to hype her new beauty collection she is about to open. 

Later in the day, a sekx tape was leaked and alleged to be leaked by Fella's boyfriend. Accordig to the reports, the sekx tape was Fella's as the boyfriend was not only satisfied with closing down the shop (perhaps got satisfied with the leaked tape). 

Management of Fella has come to reject the tape being Fella's. According to them, the tape is a po*nstar's tape from one of the popular porn sites, 'pornhub.com' and not Fella. 

From all indications, the tape is certainly not Fella and some people have also testified to seeing the tape on the site a long time ago; some believe it is still Fella as the girl in the tape has a little resemblance with Fella. 

We believe it is not Fella after checking out the video and wish to apologise for any inconvenience cause; if you still doubt, you can check out the video for yourself. 

Click "Here" above to watch full video.