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Saturday, 4 May 2019

There is soo much hypocrisy in the church - Rex Omar

Ghanaian highlife legend Rex Omar says there is so many hypocrisy in today's Church.

Rex Omar

He believes instead of the church winning souls for Christ, it does otherwise.

Due to such things he has stopped going to Church for about 22 years now.

Though I was born into a Christian home but stopped attending Assemblies of God Church since 1997 because I have a direct contact to God. I believe in God and love him so much but church is not my thing for now. There is hypocrisy in the church he added".

People go to church for different reasons and I don’t like the fact that Christians are being brainwashed. The church makes you narrow- minded in thinking. He revealed this on the delay show".

"According to him some Pastors in recent past have been bombarded for preaching and performing miracles just to increase their membership and milk their congregation dry".

The singer revealed that though he doesn't go to Church, his children have the liberty of attending churches of their choices.