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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Must Read; Rumors going around MTN Ghana is never true it's fake this is why

Rumors going around MTN Ghana is never true it's fake this is why
Rumors going around MTN Ghana is never true it's fake this is why.

News reaching is that There have been Lots of news, rumors about the collapsing of MTN worldwide due to the xenophobic threats in South Africa currently and this has placed alot of threats to customers especially Ghanaians and this has led to the maximum redraw of cash from the Momo sector. 

Now Merchants are complaining undoubtedly. 
But we have a proof to put all these fake news into trash.

Now Let us tell you these facts;

1. Workers in MTN Ghana are all Ghanaians from the CEO to the last Agent.

2. Ghanaians bought over 30% shares in MTN Ghana last year(2018) meaning we(Ghanaians) owns part of MTN Ghana.

3. MTN doesn't keep Mobile Money in any vault/save with them but by 17 partner banks(Ecobank, Fidelity bank, Access Bank, Cal Bank, GT Bank, First Atlantic Bank, UMB, UBA, Barclays, ADB, GCB, FBN Bank, Zenith Bank etc), meaning our money doesn't seat with MTN it seats with the bank, the MoMo Platform is just the path to access the money!

4. MTN through the Mobile Money Platform have single handedly provided indirect job to over 125 000 agents(Ghanaian investors) across the country Ghana.

5. MTN Mobile Money contribute over 98% of total government revenue from the Mobile banking and almost 50% of total revenue accruded from the financial sector to government!

6. MTN Ghana is on the path of helping Ghana's economy to drive Cashless economy with the introduction of Merchant SIM (MoMoPay) to businesses and other organizations, there are over 100,000 MoMo pay outlets across the country now!

Now Tell me what you will gain if you keep circulating this message and cause fear and panic among the citizens and they start withdrawing the money from Mobile and eventually attached MTN Offices across the country!

If MTN goes down today many Ghanaians will suffer more than the brand MTN, remember they're in 24 countries across Africa and Middle East!

Let's stop circulating this mischievous massages!

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