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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

It is better to be naked than to join Sakawa and die in your youthful age - Real Richkid Gh

It is better to be naked than to join Sakawa and die in your youthful age - Real Richkid Gh

As a musician, blogger, Promoter, Multimedia freelance and the C.E.O of Richkid Empire Music/multimedia, I have gone through alot and I have sited alot of deaths of youths in this Generation al so shocking and in the name of Sakawa(Spiritual Blood Money) in Africa and Ghana to be precise.

Our youths are mostly into these Scams,and Practices all in the name of being Rich and Famous.

I quite remember how our parents used to suffer, pray, learn and work hard for their dreams to come through but along the line, we pop out from the journey and we become that dream so they stop and die for us, care for us,  dream and pray for us all with their time, energy and money. 

None can be sited in this Generation,  and I repeat none.
Yes! None..
Why am I saying None?

On Social Media, especially Facebook, all you see is Youths in their early 20th will be driving cars worth Millions of Ghana Cedis, Holding Phones, worth Millions, Living Luxuriously 10 times than their age worth and a life their parents can ever produce. 

They are not scared, not even shy, nor ashamed, neither afraid to die, but some encouraging, putting pressure, raining insults, smoking, drinking, and involving into bigger immortality acts.

I remember, my grandmother once tried to scroll one Sakawa guy in our locality and she Received insults upon insults for being a good citizen, and a mother of wisdom in telling him to stop smoking in public, and driving recklessly in public too.

Our Generation kids hates scrolling, they hate being told to be good, they hate being told what to do, they think what's ever you will tell them is outmoded and that their era is the latest, dhoppest, realistic and matured.

With all these, they dont last forever, some youths die along the lie, some perish,others go mad, others lost their human nature, others vanish, and a whole lots.

All these is a waste of human life, to be rich like this and to die a poor soul is worthless.

Look at deep into your soul, ask yourself, why were you created in this word, do you remember your maker in this youthful age?

I strongly suggest it's best to just go out naked in public if it's all about Fame and money rather than to go all wrongs and die naked.

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