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Friday, 24 January 2020

Kumasi Film Body is a Joke and Dead (Kumawood) - Director Adu Agyemang (BIG MATT)

Kumasi Film Body is a Joke and Dead (Kumawood) - Director Adu Agyemang (BIG MATT)

Director Adu Agyemang (Big Matt) is a Kumasi based director who through him, Chapters (Movie) was produced

He shares this story with us Richkid Empire Music and as concerned to it, we have decided to share it with our readers and the world as a whole.

He writes; 

In the mind of most people in the world;
United State Of America (USA)  is the most powerful country in the world because of what they present to us through their MOVIES.

China was also popular because of their unique style of movie till they took over the world technology.

India is now noted for their mind blowing storylines, costumes and locations in their recent movies even just here in Accra most people are doing their best to put the name Ghana on the globe with their good and well creative content. 

But back in Kumasi here most people preach that our movie industry is dead so they now focus in making short films for their YouTube channels of which it's not a bad idea though but the most bad things about these thier YouTube short films is that; the scenes are one take shot with no concept and only focusing in showing women's Ass just to attract viewers.
If not showing Ass, then it's about only insults and they are happy that they are showing insults on their Channels

This has made them forget about their professional Actors & Actress who sacrifice themselves to help build the Kumasi film body such us; Nana Ama Mcbrown, Bill Asamoah,Emielia Brobbey, Agya koo and so on....but rather focusing on inexperience and unprofessionals like Nana Yeboah who does nothing apart from insults, there is one also called Kasawale who also does nothing apart from shaking her breast and some joke character who doesn't even know what we called acting....🙆🏻‍♂🙆🏻‍♂🙆🏻‍♂

I have seen some of our professionals also join then train of late but I plead to them; they should maintain their dignity by bringing out good content🙏🏻 even though some of them are doing well but most of them are doing what we called RUBBISH.

Such words from The Chapters hit director is so touching and speaks truthfully how low Kumasi film industry is reaching. 
So heartfelt that our Culture is cut off in our scenes, lessons, Royalty are diminishing gradually.

Big Matt has drawn the line of attention and we hope things will be put in place and quality products and projects will be shown. 
 #Raise up Kumasi movie makers.