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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Coronavirus Updates: Coronavirus hits 6 cases In Ghana Now!

Previously from the Ministerial Sector In Ghana, reveal that two foreigners were tested positive of the Noval Pandemic Disease, Coronavirus (COVID-19) In Ghana and this really brought a major panic to the state but the government and the Health Ministry gave us full assurance of all the measures put in place to fight and prevent this from getting out of hands or reaching out to large number. 

Just in, from sources has reveal that another four (4) Civilians has been admitted and tested positive and this has made the case to reach a total number of Six(6).

Ghanaians are asking with panic if this is true or not, and if it's real, why is the number increasing?
Despite the full assurance of fully equipped tools and measures and the said amount of Money($100million) set aside to aid in the prevention, cure and protection of Citizens against this deadly disease. 

As at now, the panic of most Ghanaians has increased while others have taken the advantage of making profits out of it with as sewing customized masks with African prints and calling it Fashion.

This disease is very deadly and we urge everyone to be ready ,prepared and carefully take all measures put in place to prevent one's self from getting this disease because there might be and outbreak of this but might not be recorded and tested positive as these Victims will walk within our midst. 

Stay Safe, Eat Healthy, Wash your Hands with Soap thoroughly, Drink lots of Water and better still Use Hand Sanitizers most times.

Long Live Ghana, Long Live the World.