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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Social Media is the main destruction to the lives of our 20th Century Kids - Real Richkid Gh writes

Social Media is the main destruction to the lives of our 20th Century Kids - Real Richkid Gh writes

Social Media has been most productive tool to many in the whole wide world.

Through Social Media, its easy to make businesses, Calls to families in foreign countries, transact business links, Send and receive important documents etc..

The good side is extremely even more than the negative part but it is dangerous to the ignorance of the negative part in this 20th Century.

N8de images and Exotics videos are easily leaked, Scammers, hackers, and Fraudsters are easily enjoying this Negative impact.

I am a blogger in real life and to see how people are easily spreading scam links, where if entered one may loose his or her Bank details and money, identity, Image and dignity as impostors easily tarnishes the images of others by using them as their own and scamming victims.

When been online, it is as easy to access and exotic website where it is easy to see images of exotic 18+ images and videos of Actors, celebrities and etc..

I see all these and more can not mentioned negatives as to be more dangerous and imposing a big threat to the kids in Our generation and unborn kids.

In Africa, its easy to see a kid seen using a mobile phone just to engage in Online Betting..

Are these the future leaders we ant to up bring?

Are we leaving the world in to the hands of kids(18 years below) who fall easily in listening to their boyfriends or spouse below the ages of 11 to 16 years now.

Abortion has become another easy way out for kids to get rid of Unwanted Children due to the disgrace and unforeseen reactions from their parents.

Another that I Real Richkid Gh is so much concerned about is child kidnapping.

Kids on social media easily fall victims as to kidnappers who impose themselves as business men and women, lovers, celebrities and others and to the entrust and childish minds of these kids on social media, they fall victims and end up been tricked, kidnapped, raped or murdered in the end.

Real Richkid Gh, I am so mcuh concerned to this and i hope you are too.Our generation will end soon but in the hands of this 20th Century Kids, is it really secured?

Can we really say that our kids will become better people as we ever wished?

Can we see Our generation kids as great future leaders like Kofi Anan?

Kofi Anan.

Nelson Mandela


Please pass your comments and do not forget to share tgis articles with others.

You can share your opinions on how to solve this threats i see as a virus which is really eating up or kids..

My next articles will explain much more..

The name is Real richkid Gh on all social media platforms.