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Monday, 8 June 2020

Say Fim, Fim, I will leak videos you Blackmailer; Funny Face dares his wife - Real Richkid Gh

Good day cherished readers, this is Real Richkid Gh.I just love to bring you the best of the latest biggest news always and as promised.

Recently, Ghanaian Famous comedian, The Children President self Acclaimed, Funny Face has had downs and battles in his Relationship/ Marriage status years till now.

In summary;It appears that all his two marriages has never ended him well as in the first one, he suffered a big blow divorced to a cheating wife.

Years on, he got settled down with another gorgeous lady to which he had two sets of twins and broken heatedly, his wife has run off away with these two kids which is very devastating, a big blow to his face, career, friends and family as a whole.

He came live publicly crying and weeping as he narrates this issue.

He has always say that it has never been his fault to this loses and misfortunes and even believes that there might be a backstabber under these incidents.

Funny face has been facing lots of challenges, insults,threats and comments on his social media anytime he opens up to the public on this case. frankly speaking Funny face never sees to amaze me as he replies to most acts/comments harshly and sometimes with insults which to me it is very ill of both parties.

Later today on Funny Face's social media account Facebook, he threatens his wife to be prepared as he is ever ready to bring out videos (Leaked) proofing he is of good fatherhood and videos showing Blackmails from his wife who has run away with his twins.

He posted;

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